Dar Entehaye Shaab Ep 07

Dar Entehaye Shaab Ep 07

At the end of the night, the series revolves around a woman named Negar who returns to Iran after many years. He is searching for his missing wife Kamran who disappeared on their wedding night. In this way, Negar met Peyman, a detective who is looking for a serial killer, and dark secrets are revealed that…

Producer: Mohammad Yamini – Genre: Romance, crime

Director: Aida Panahande – Author: Aida Panahande, Arslan Amiri

Danlod Va Tamasha Online

Parsa Pirozfar is one of the actors who started her career in TV series and became famous with her first series. The series at the end of the night, directed by Aida Pahanandeh, is the latest appearance of Parsa Pirouzfar on the home network after the successful series Moafaq Yaghi;

Cinematography director: Farshad Mohammadi, editing: Imad Khodabakhsh, music: Ramin Kosha, set design director: Mohsen Shahebrahimi, production manager: Peyman Hamidi, visual effects designer: Farid Nazerfasihi

Head of the director’s group: Rozbeh Sajjadi Hosseini, sound engineer: Mehdi Ebrahimzadeh, set designer: Maryam Nazem, costume designer: Nazanin Tusli, make-up designer: Abbas Abbasi

Sound recording and mixing: Mehrshad Malkouti, production deputy: Mehdi Abbasipour, first assistant director: Hamid Shourideh, scheduler: Sanaz Qaramelki, stage secretary: Ghazal Rashidi, photographer: Omid Salehi.

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