Ghottbe Shomall Ep 08

Ghottbe Shomall Ep 08

Humayun and Arghvan fall victim to a terrible betrayal on the eve of their marriage. Behind the walls of the prison, Humayun is counting the moments before death to take revenge on Saman. Arsham is born alone. A girl named Sahra is next to him to pave the way for Arsham to take revenge on the traitors…

Producer: Akbar Tahvilian – Genre: Drama – Romantic

Director: Amin Mahmoudi Yekta – Author: Hamed Afzali, Amin Mahmoudi Yekta

Danlod Va Tamasha Online

The North Pole series is adapted from the outstanding novel The Count of Monte Cristo by the enduring work of the French writer Alexandre Dumas.

Investor: Makan Ariaparsa Director of Cinematography: Ali Tabrizi Editor: Ginous Pedram Set Designer: Saeed Hassanlou Music: Bammad Afshar Sound Design, Sound Mixing: Hossein Ghorchian Production Manager: Mojtabi Burhanizadeh

Before directing this series, Amin Mahmoudi had the experience of writing series such as Beggar Queen and Aqrab Ashagh and is interested in surreal stories and atmospheres.

Costume Designer: Marjan Golzar Makeup Designer: Mona Jafari Credits, Visual Effects: Amir Walikhani Planning Manager: Katayoun Derakhshan Stage Secretary: Maede Rafiei Photographer: Kimia Pourahmad

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