Hudude 8 Sobh

Hudude 8 Sobh

We see Manouchehr Hadi in anger, who is shocked by the message sent to his wife’s phone and calls her to account, but that’s not the whole story; The course of murder, kidnapping and the process of getting consent from other courses of the film’s story is around eight in the morning.

Genre: Social – Producer: Manouchehr Hadi

Director and writer: Manouchehr Hadi

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Therefore, what is narrated as links between these turning points, can better convince their audience than the main points that make the characters to such acts.

In fact, milestones are presented in an algebraic way and confiscates and derails the story-telling path in a way that does not have much narrative logic.

It is a strange final that has a moral challenge. Moral sparks have always been one of the keywords and important features of Hadi’s social cinema. In this film, despite the reliable moral challenges that are raised in our society today, but the final chapter does not see much commitment towards its body.

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