Palto Shotori

Palto Shotori

It is about a young boy who studies philosophy. He inherited a camel-colored coat from his father, but this coat has become a problem for him because whenever he wears it, tempting thoughts enter his head…

Producer: Majid Sheikh Ansari – Genre: comedy

Director and writer: Mehdi Ali Mirzaei

Danlod Va Tamasha Online

Paleto Shetri Pikan has directed his criticism towards the pseudo-intellectual middle class, a class that has occupied a special place in the cultural and political events of the society during the past few decades;

From Kohyar’s parents to the crowd at the cafe. Consider this recent congregation, which probably was supposed to produce something similar to Nematullah’s “Bipuli” movie.

Production manager: Sajjad Rahimi, programming manager, first assistant director: Hamed Mokhtari, director of photography: Massoud Amini Tirani, sound engineer: Masih Siraj, set and costume designer: Hossein Payam Souri.

Make-up designer: Abbas Abbasi Editor: Mohammad Najarian Stage secretary: Zahra Haarghi Photographer: Afra Shahbazzadeh Director of procurement: Mohammad Ebrahimi Poster: Mohammad Rohul-Amin

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