Rooze Sheshom

Rooze Sheshom

After being released from prison, Ahmed has only five days to find the answers to several riddles related to past events, and if he fails, he will be killed…

Producer: Rahman Seifi Azad – Genre: Criminal, mysterious

Director and writer: Hojjat Qasimzadeh Asl

Danlod Va Tamasha Online

The winning card of Ghasemzadeh’s works lies in the writing department. In the same context, we should mention his dialogue writings, which have been fairly successful. To put it better, all of his texts and works have moved forward on the shoulders of the screenplay and especially his dialogue writing rather than on the basis of direction.

Project Manager: Hossein Rameh Director of Photography: Alireza Barazandeh Set and Costume Designer: Aydin Zarif Sound Director: Amir Nobakht Haghighi Makeup Designer: Abdullah Eskandari Sound Design, Sound Mixing: Alireza Alavian

Composer: Ariana Ghasemzadeh Original Editor: Parham Vafaei First Assistant Director: Hossein Khazoui Stage Secretary: Laden Rahmati Production Manager: Majid Karimi Photographer: Mohammad Hassan Hendi

ne of the most important points about working in the cinema is paying special attention to the screen size. The wide screen of the cinema pays much more attention to framing, direction, visual beauty, scene management and action and image reactions than the small and medium medium of television.

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