Sedatto S2 E12

Sedatto S2 E12

Sedato is a mysterious and attractive music competition, which is performed by Mohsen Kiaei with a different face. Familiar faces such as Shabnam Moghadami, Mohammad Bahrani, Mohsen Sharifian and Amir Mehdi Johle are going to guide the participants in this entertainment competition…

Execution: Mohsen Kiaei – Director: Hamed Javadzadeh – Genre: Music competition

Contributors: Shabnam Moghadami, Mohammad Bahrani, Mohsen Sharifian and Amir Mahdi Jholeh

Danlod Va Tamasha Online

If we start from the definition and identity of the voice program; Whether it was a chance or thought, we should say well done to its proposers; A program that has few limitations and, as the famous saying goes, for creating and broadcasting, and this leaves the hands of the creators free to create;

There is no need for strange facilities and studio, and it is not a genre whose subjects are hard to find and the skimmer hits the bottom of the pot; This was the injury that incapacitated the Joker.

This mysterious and musical atmosphere of the program creates exciting and unprecedented events for the audience and the people present in the competition, and the variety of Iranian and Eastern music presents the audience with a special design and a new color and accent.

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