Zakhme Kari Entegham Ep 02

Zakhme Kari Entegham Ep 02

Malik, who is seeking revenge on Toloui, is trying to approach him with a calculated plan. The owner knows that the only way to win Toloi’s trust is to go through the holding’s problems…

Director: Mohammad Hossein Mahdovian – Genre: Drama – Social

Producer: Mohammadreza Takhtkeshian – Author: Mohammad Hossein Mahdovian

Danlod Va Tamasha Online

Among the new generation of cinematographers who appeared in the nineties, Mohammad Hossein Mahdovian is a unique figure; Few people have had the opportunity to deal with important and sensitive issues like him, and in the same proportion, more than anyone, he has faced conflicting reactions to the text and metatext of his works.

First Assistant Director: Hossein Deirdar Procurement Manager: Faramarz Rezaei Visual Effects: Amin Pehlvanzadeh Field Special Effects: Arash Aghabeek Stage Secretary: Pouria Kazemi Fard

Composer: Habib Khazaifar Makeup Designer: Shahram Khalaj Set Designer: Behzad Jafari Tadi Costume Designer: Arta Mahan Sound Design and Mixing: Mehrshad Malkuti

A cinematographer who is involved with critics on the one hand and with political and historical experts on the other. His active and effective presence in the field of filmmaking and the importance of his works have made him the focus of media attention since 1994.

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