Heysiate Gomshode E09 – Payani

Heysiate Gomshode E09 – Payani

Amir’s adventure ends, but this game is expensive for Amir…

Wounded, deeper than isolation… The foot of “Heysiat” is in the middle…

Director: Sajjad Pahlavanzadeh

Genre: Drama, Thriller

Danlod Va Pakhshe Online

The sum of the ideas and situations that are going on in the series could easily be a very slow and low-selling work in terms of the length of time of each episode or the number of episodes in the context of most other series; But in the dignity, there is no attempt to take advantage of the few situations and moments to kill time and become more flexible;

Director of Cinematography: Saman Lotfian Editor: Hossein Jamshidi Gohari Composer: Massoud Sakhawat Dost Sound Composition Design: Mehrshad Malkooti Sound Director: Amin Mirshkari

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