Fosiil Film

Fosiil Film

Three friends, three friends, three honorees… Fossil narrates the lives of three young men in the 50s. These three young people face challenges that change their lives…

Director: Karim Amini
Genre: Comedy – Author: Hamza Salehi

Danlod Va Tamashaye Online

Seyed Ebrahim Amarian has previously produced two films, Solo and Dynamite, which are the first and second best-selling films; And his new film was able to break the record of his previous films and become the best-selling film on its own.

Original script: Karim Amini, Ali Batani, Armin Tahmasabi. Poster designer: Irfan Behkar

His grandfather (Khosro Mohammad Amini) was one of the well-known theater actors, he became interested in the art of theater, cinema and acting under the influence of his grandfather.

The best-selling film in the history of cinema. Fossil movie is actually divided into two parts. The first part narrates the events before the revolution and Esi’s coma, and the second part narrates the events after it.

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