Shabhaye Mafia Zodiyak E09

Shabhaye Mafia Zodiyak E09

It is a fascinating game show in which a serial killer named Zodiac targets the citizens and mafia of Sicily…

Authors: Saeed Nafisi and Sina Qalich Khani

Performed by: Mohammad Bahrani

Danlod Va Tamasha Online

The new series of Mafia Nights is produced with a new team; In this season, an attempt has been made to invite popular cultural, artistic and sports figures who are more familiar with the mafia game, so that more professional games can be played and the audience of the program can follow this reality show with more satisfaction.

Actors of this episode: Maryam Momin, Shida Khaliq, Mehran Ghafourian, Javad Khabani, Nasim Abdi, Kaveh Afaq, Mohammad Delavari, Mojtaba Shafiei, Mohammad Shabanpour, Hamid Asgari, Hadith Folavand and Pejman Bazghi.

It is worth mentioning that for recording new episodes of Mafia Nights, a special and safe decor has been designed, which helps to improve the quality of the game and remove doubts

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