Tamome Omr Chanta Bahare Gh 23

Tamome Omr Chanta Bahare Gh 23

Passengers from Qeshm have reached Isfahan. Jalal, who wants to convince Shahram Rah, goes to the airport with Razaghi. But something is coming… On the other hand, Shahin and Razaghi spend a memorable night with Rana and her mother in the role of Jahan…

Director and writer: Soroush Sahat

Genre: comedy, family

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Soroush Sehat has a history of appearing in series and cinema since the 70s; The writing of comic items by Mehran Moderi and acting in some comedy series and movies gradually brought Soroush Sahet to a position where he started writing television series independently as a screenwriter.

Project Manager: Davoud Mandari Cinematography Director: Soroush Alizadeh Editor: Khashar Mohedian Composer: Peyman Yazdanian Sound Composition Design: Mohammad Mehdi Javaherzadeh

Costume designer: Pegah Turki, singer: Behzad Omrani, sound engineer: Ali Zulfiqari, makeup: Siamak Ahmadi, set designer: Saeed Morbi

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