Tnt E22 – Marjaneh Golchin va naeemeh NezamDoost

Tnt E22 – Marjaneh Golchin va naeemeh NezamDoost

Hamed Anghi has traveled a long and difficult path to reach the first level of theatrical performances and to introduce himself as a first-class comedian. He has worked step by step to reach where he is today

Performed by: Hamed Anghi

Director: Hamed Anghi

Danlod Va Pakhshe Online

Participants of this episode: Marjaneh Golchin and Naimeh Nizam Dost

The TNT reality show and competition was directed and performed by Hamed Anghi in 1401.

His different presence in one of the funny parts to his wit and intelligence in mafia night games and the performance of a song night show in everyone’s home shows a talent that can handle anything well. He was a star in the Joker competition and continued to act alongside these experiences.

Our adrenaline is going to stick to the ceiling!!!

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