Zaakhm Bazgasht Gh 1

Zaakhm Bazgasht Gh 1

Maitham, who is the sole heir to Malik’s throne, seeks revenge on his killer. In the meantime, the absence of the owner becomes an excuse for the entry of Toloi, the only powerful supporter of Rizabadi Holding, to fix the situation… but this is not the whole truth!

Director: Mohammad Hossein Mahdovian

Screenplay: Milad Najafi, Milad Akbaranjad, Azam Behrouz, Ali Bahraini

Genre: Social – Drama

Danlod Va Tamasha Online

If we want to visualize the ending of the first season and design the second season in our minds, we have to wait for Malik to survive the stabbings, roars and his revenges against the mafia organized by Khan Amo’s children;

Cinematography director: Hadi Behrouz Editor: Sajjad Pahlavanzadeh Composer: Habib Khazaifar Make-up designer: Shahram Khalaj Set designer: Behzad Jafari Tadi Costume designer: Arta Mahan

Sound design and composition: Mehrshad Malkouti Sound recording director: Hadi Saed Mohkham Deputy production manager: Peyman Hijazi Cinematographer: Mohammad Fakurinia Cast selection: Kiyomarth Moradi Director: Milad Akbaranjad Programmer: Bahman Hosseini

First Assistant Director: Hossein Deirdar Procurement Manager: Faramarz Rezaei Visual Effects: Amin

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