Daftaare Yaddaasht Ep 16 – Akhar

Daftaare Yaddaasht Ep 16 – Akhar

Iraj and Hamid, old friends from their childhood, have a headache to pursue criminal cases, their foot is inadvertently opened to the case of serial murders… a case that becomes pregnant with more dangerous incidents when they enter, but the story is more complicated than these words, in the meantime, Iraj because His unique brain problem keeps forgetting everything and everyone…

Director: Kiaresh Asadizadeh

Author: Masoud Khakbaz – Genre: comedy, family

Danlod Va Tamasha Online

Director of Cinematography: Ali Qazi Editing: Mohammad Najarian Sound Design, Sound Mixing: Alireza Alavian Stage Design: Mohsen Nasralhi Sound Director: Babak Ardalan Costume Design: Shideh Mahmoodzadeh
Make-up designer: Azim Frayn, production manager: Emad Taheri, composer: Behnam Rad, planning manager, first assistant director: Behnam Rahmani

Reza Attaran, unlike other movie stars who had a strong presence in TV series in these years, had focused all his attention on cinema and continued to work in this field.

In 2018, it was announced that he plans to direct a series for one of the platforms and act in it himself; A series that never came to an end until this popular actor responded positively to the offer to play in the comedy series Notebook;

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