Sayebaaz S2 Gh 6

Sayebaaz S2 Gh 6

Barzo Shams, a businessman and tower builder, meets an old and close friend during the birthday and naming of his only granddaughter, and this encounter causes his past life and its events to resurface for Shams and fill his life with new challenges. face…

Director and writer: Ali Yavar

Producer: Ali Yavar – Genre: mystery, social

Danlod Va Tamasha Online

After several years of not working and staying away from television and cinema, Hashemi made a successful return to television with the TV series “Zhansah Chesh” and “Rozgar Gharib” directed by Kianush Ayari.

Assistant director: Narjes Ebrahimi. Planner: Reza Sharifi. Director of photography: Mohsen Fallahi

Sound director: Amir Partozadeh Make-up designer: Ehsan Ronasi Set and costume designer: Amir Banai Production manager: Hamid Ahmadi

Media consultant: Amin Etimadi Majd Singer: Mohsen Ebrahimzadeh

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