Amerlli Ep 02

Amerlli Ep 02

This series is in the genre of drama, romance and war and tells the story of an Iraqi hero who fights for his people against ISIS;

Producer: Amirmehdi Poruziri – this series is a joint product of Iran and Iraq

Director: Ahmad Ibrahim Ahmad – Genre: Drama, Romance

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Nariman Al-Salehi, the popular actor of the Arab world, and Mustafa Zamani are the main couples of this series.

Mustafa once started his career on February 8, 2003, playing in Youssef the Prophet. After that, he has a history of acting in films and series such as Shahrzad, Takeoff, A Special Day, Jame Duran, Al, Nahang Blue and Rhinoceros in his artistic career.

The synopsis of this series says: “Amerli is the love story of an Iraqi journalist to find the secret of his life in a war situation.”

Previously, four episodes of this series have been shown on Iraqi channels, which have been welcomed by many audiences in Arab countries.

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