Akhariin Tavallod

Akhariin Tavallod

The love of Soraya and Fahim; The love that is overshadowed by the war is a love song in the heart of crisis…

Producer: Jamshid Mahmoudi – Genre: Drama, romance

Director and writer: Navid Mahmoudi

Danlod Va Tamasha Online

In his film, the filmmaker Sekerh Karihi, both from Afghanistan and Iran, has shown that he has not considered any of the social conditions, and most importantly, the norms.

Cinematography director: Mehran Mamdouh Sound director: Mansour Shahbazi Sound engineer: Hossein Ghorchian Composer: Sahand Mehdizadeh Costume designer: Lida Soltani Set designer: Saeed Special effects instructor: Nasser Fasihi

Edited by: Nima Jafari Jozani, make-up artist: Mahmoud Dehghani, first assistant director, scheduler: Mehrdad Nejad, stage manager: Faezeh Gerkani, photographer: Fattah Dhi Nouri, poster designer: Maitham Mirzai.

Parts of the film were made in Tajikistan, and Afghan and Tajik actors also play in it.

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