Okaazion Ep 02

Okaazion Ep 02

At the airport, Rahim finds out that he has been banned from leaving by Haj Qorboun. Therefore, to find out the reason for this incident, together with Haj Baba and Mansoura, they go to Haj Qorboun’s carpet shop and…

Screenplay: Hamza Salehi – Producer: Mohammad Hossein Mirtavosi

Director: Seyyed Masoud Atyabi – Genre: comedy

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Executive producer: Hamed Pourasfendiani Director of photography: Afshin Alizadeh Make-up designer: Siamak Ahmadi Set designer: Saeed Artist Costume designer: Massoud Rashidi Sound director: Abbas Rostgarpour

Masoud Atyabi, Iranian producer, director and production manager, was born on Mehr 1, 1343 in Golpayegan. He started his professional activity in 1364;

Edited by: Mahsa Sadat Atyabi Sound design and composition: Ramin Abolsadegh Music: Aria Azimi Nejad Planning manager: Narges Meshaikhi Assistant director: Mohammad Davoudi Kia

Hamzeh Salehi, the author of films such as Fossil, Texas 2, Dynamite, etc., wrote the script for the occasion;

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