Okaaziyon Ep 04

Okaaziyon Ep 04

Mansoura has to take care of Mrs. Malek who has Alzheimer’s all the time. Using a new trick, Mohsen and Rahim want to return all the money of Haj Qorboun, but…

Screenplay: Hamza Salehi – Producer: Mohammad Hossein Mirtavosi

Director: Seyyed Masoud Atyabi – Genre: comedy

Danlod Va Tamasha Online

Executive producer: Hamed Pourasfendiani Director of photography: Afshin Alizadeh Make-up designer: Siamak Ahmadi Set designer: Saeed Artist Costume designer: Massoud Rashidi Sound director: Abbas Rostgarpour

Masoud Atyabi, Iranian producer, director and production manager, was born on Mehr 1, 1343 in Golpayegan. He started his professional activity in 1364;

Edited by: Mahsa Sadat Atyabi Sound design and composition: Ramin Abolsadegh Music: Aria Azimi Nejad Planning manager: Narges Meshaikhi Assistant director: Mohammad Davoudi Kia

Hamzeh Salehi, the author of films such as Fossil, Texas 2, Dynamite, etc., wrote the script for the occasion;

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