Aghrab Ashegh Gh 15

Aghrab Ashegh Gh 15

Behdad and Fereshte are preparing for the wedding celebration. Makan has found out the true identity of Polaris, and because of this, Sirius’s lawyer assumes the responsibility of keeping her and…

Director: Hossein Soheilizadeh

Genre: Drama, Romance

Danlod Va Tamasha Online

Lighting designer: Kivan Arjamand, make-up designer: Seyed Jalal Mousavi, costume designer: Navid Farah Marzi, set designer, decor: Sohail Mirspasi

Sound engineer: Mohammad Mehdi Azadi, Ali Zahouri Director of programming: Massoud Mimi Composer: Aria Azimi Nejad First assistant director: Saeed Bayat Actor: Ali Salahi Editor: Amin Abedi Singer: Mohsen Chavoshi

Costume preparation: Tahmorth Stunt Collection: Keyvan Rezaei Procurement Manager: Javad Ghasemi

Concept artist: Homa Behjati, special effects: Hamid Rasoulian, sound: Ali Zahori, stage manager: Zahra Mahdavi, design and production of make-up parts: Seyed Jalal Mousavi, Delart Art Group, support.

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