Negahbane Shaab

Negahbane Shaab

Rasool Gudjin is a building complex who falls in love with a deaf girl named Naseeba. But with the intervention of Behnam, the project’s greedy employer, his simple and romantic life gets into trouble…

Producer: Reza Mirkarimi – Genre: Drama, social

Director and writer: Reza Mirkarimi

Danlod Va Tamasha Online

The main character of the story is a self-confident guard who has no will of his own and is always swayed by the wind. He marries with his uncle’s decision, with his employer’s decision, he participates in the voting in a groom’s dress.

Cinematography director: Morteza Hedaei Make-up artist: Mahmoud Dehghani Set designer: Saeed Hasanlou Costume designer: Zahra Samadi Editor: Reza Mirkarimi Sound operator: Saeed Bejnordi

Sound: Amirhossein Ghasemi Field effects: Reza Turkman Visual effects: Mohammad Baradaran Poster designer: Maitham Mirzaei

A balanced combination that does not sew a hat for itself from the felt of poverty and misery, does not take the path of extreme realism, does not dramatize its events and themes too much.

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