Dastaane Daast Andaaz

Dastaane Daast Andaaz

The story tells the fantasies of a young woman storyteller; A woman who gets lost in the world of stories and characters she created…

Director and writer: Kamal Tabrizi

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

Danlod Va Tamasha Online

This film was supposed to be in the 39th Fajr Film Festival, but it was banned for some reasons, and it was shown in the first Live Art Festival;

A group of prominent actors and well-known names of cinema from different generations have played roles in the film. Games often serve a stylized atmosphere and separate from the surrounding realistic world.

Tabrizi’s taste in his long career shows that whether he likes it or not, he belongs to a type of Iranian cinema that is called “body cinema”

Cinematography director: Ali Tabrizi Editor: Sepideh Abdul Wahab Composer: Amin Artist, programmer, first assistant director: Nava Rouhani Stage secretary: Maria Mirenjad Head of cinematography: Mohammad Ebrahimian

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