Valedeine Amanati

Valedeine Amanati

In one of the northern villages, a brother and sister live who, seeing the way urban children live, become interested in this type of life and have no desire to live with their own family. A talking tree will grant their wish, provided they also help to preserve the trees of the forest, but…

Genre: Comedy, Family – Author: Hossein Qenaat

Director and producer: Hossein Qenaat

Danlod Va Tamasha Online

This film, which was filmed during the outbreak of the Corona virus, was delayed for a few weeks due to compliance with health issues and when the filming process had reached 70%, and then the work was resumed.

Make-up designer: Jenan Sadfi Cinematography: Massoud Masoumi, Pouria Jedi-Oghani, Hossein Darvishi, Amin Zamanfashmi Sound assistant: Morteza Mousavi, Hassan Sabbagh, Sohrab Samargandi, Sohail Safari

Most of the film’s locations were shot in Amol, the village of Shahkalai Kilij, the forests around Amol, and the remaining parts of the work were also shot in front of the camera in Tehran.

Project Manager: Hossein Pourasmail Production Manager: Hashem Aliakbari Director of Photography: Mohammad Hassanpour Editor: Parisa Parveen Nia Sound Recorder: Hossein Bashash, Maitham Yardilo Set and Costume Designer: Shirin Buriyai Doost

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