Houlia Film

Houlia Film

Parents do not allow their children to do anything, but the story is always different for the grandson. “Hulia” is the story of a woman’s liver, which is mistakenly transplanted to a local lot and transforms the local lot!

Genre: Comedy – Producer: Iraj Taghipour

Director and writer: Morteza Atash Zamzam

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The movie “Hulia” is the sixth movie made by Morteza Atesh Zamzam. This young director started his career in the early eighties and his career includes movies, TV series and documentaries. Interestingly, he has made films in collaboration with different countries, including Lebanon and Bangladesh

In this film, Zindayad Ali Ansarian played the role of an unauthorized singer who does not speak English, but insists on singing English songs. At the end of the film, he sang a song called “Gol Soreh” by the late Fereydoun Moshiri, which is also the new name of the film.

Aerial photography: Mostafa Alipour Haghighi Production representative: Mehdi Rajabi Photographer: Arash Shah Mohammadi Planner: Amin Ranjbar Assistant director: Leila Nasr

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