Vilaye Saheli

Vilaye Saheli

It tells the story of a rural family who are supposed to take care of a villa for 6 months as caretakers. Chavosh (the owner of the villa) is going to live outside of Iran for 6 months for his daughter to go to university, and he leaves the villa to Younes (played by Pejman Jamshidi) and his wife (played by Rima Raminfar) and they move to the villa with their 3 children. But Younes’ brother-in-law (played by Reza Attaran) creates stories upon entering the house…

Director and screenplay: Kianoosh Ayari

Genre: Comedy – Producer: Reza Rokhshan

Danlod Va Tamasha Online

Cinematography director: Dariush Ayari, first assistant cinematographer: Babak Aberghani, first assistant director: Reza Masoudi, sound director: Mahmoud Khorsand

It is the latest work of Kianush Ayari, which has been released in cinemas; Ayari decided to sell a comedy after his couch movie was banned.

Sound engineer: Sohail Metoli, make-up designer: Abbas Abbasi, set designer: Siamak Karinejad, costume designer: Zahra Samadi, editor: Kianoosh Ayari

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