GijGaah Film

GijGaah Film

In the 1970s, a literature and sports teacher who is also a karate instructor becomes interested in the divorced mother of one of his students and…

Producer: Wali Elah Madani, Hanif Sarvari – Genre: comedy

Director and writer: Adel Tabrizi

Danlod Va Tamasha Online

More than a comedy, Confused is a pleasant reminiscence that warms the viewer’s heart and deals with the brain more than making it fall into sweet thoughts.

Director’s consultant: Ali Musafa Director of photography: Kohyar Kalari Editor: Emad Khodabakhsh Head of the director’s group, planning: Mr. Ali Programmer: Masoud Jirani First assistant director: Saeed Gholami

As the name implies, Gage Gam really deals with the brain and the gage of a person, just as the hero of the film punches his gage and his life goes on. The film is a flick to the viewer’s mind and takes him by the hands and takes him back twenty or thirty years.

Hassan’s characterization is one of the interesting points of the film. He has a complex and strange personality and Hamed Behdad has been able to give this role a special spirit with his artistic acting. The beautiful and artistic make-up on her face, along with her fierce acting, takes over the film.

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