Shahre Hert

Shahre Hert

Prasto, who is forty-four years old and whose fiance is in prison, tries to free her. But in one of their joint scams with Parviz, they were captured by a dangerous and mafia gang, Salarami, who recently embezzled a large amount of dollars and…

Director: Karim Amini

Genre: Comedy – Editors: Mehdi Mohammadnejadian, Pedram Karimi

Danlod Va Tamasha Online

Edited by: Mastane Mohajer Sound design and composition: Hossein Abolsadegh Music: Mohammad Ahmadi Sound operator: Sohail Metowli Costume designer: Mozhgan Aiwazi Set designer: Saeed Visual effects artist: Amir Wali Khani Planning manager: Zahra Margazi Photographer: Abbas Baghdadi Singer: Abbas Qadri Production manager: Mohammadreza Ezzatkhani

The city of Hurt presented a satirical behind-the-scenes look at the lives of embezzlers who sacrifice everyone to achieve their personal goals, but they don’t know that sometimes they themselves may be caught by those who cleverly change the situation.

Now Pejman Jamshidi’s name alone can guarantee the sale of a movie. His prolific presence in the 1402 release shows that the producers made a special calculation on the return of their investment with Jamshidi’s performance.

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