Royaiie Kaghazii

Royaiie Kaghazii

A young girl who works in a sewing workshop meets a young Zal. He sets up a page on Instagram for Zal and in a short time, many contacts follow the page. Yasi, who is thinking of generating income from the page, uploads posts and stories about Zal’s candidacy in the presidential election. This is while young Zal has fallen in love with him…

Author: Jaber Ghasem Ali – Genre: Drama, Social

Director and producer: Ali Atshani

Danlod Va Tamasha Online

The movie “Paper Dream” directed by Ali Atshani, which was made in the early summer of last year, is in its world debut to compete with works from all over the world in the competition section of the 29th edition of the Singapore Carnival World Festival.

This festival aims to showcase the talents of filmmakers with a live screening of their works and is held during a three-day celebration at various prestigious locations in Singapore.

The script of “Paper Dream” was written by Jaber Ghasem Ali based on an idea by Ali Atshani, and Kamran Tafti, Mina Vahid, Zainab (Nagar) Malaki and Amir Hossein Rezazadeh played the main roles of this film.

Cinematography director: Mahmoud Atshani Editor: Ali Atshani Production manager: Saeed Delavari Make-up designer: Omid Golzadeh Make-up artist: Farzaneh Zardasht, Faeze Sadat Mousavi Set and costume designer: Abtin Barqi

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