Zed Movie

Zed Movie

Some people can be “against” a cause that everyone thinks they are serving. This “anti” can be the removal of a person or a nation.

Genre: Drama, Political – Director: Amir Abbas Rabiei

Author: Hossein Tarabnejad – Producer: Mohammad Reza Shafiei

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The antithesis alone is the sum of opposites. It is unlikely that the first character, who has experienced terror, will be surprised and afraid of the death of Linda Kiani’s character. The first character of the film is a spy at the top levels of the government and is easily outwitted by his colleagues

At the same time, we are witnessing a love story in the context of this inflamed political atmosphere. In fact, “Zad” can be considered a political romance in which an anti-hero finds himself in the difficult path of love and politics.

Sound: Amin Sharifi Music: Massoud Sakhawadoost Field effects: Hamid Rasoulian Visual effects: Mohammad Lotfali

On the contrary, say goodbye to the characters of spy movies, who are often quiet, violent, cold, fast and cruel, and imagine a dramatic atmosphere.

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