Bad Az Raaftan

Bad Az Raaftan

Arash returns to his hometown after a long time away and looks for his missing…

Director and writer: Reza Nejati – Genre: Drama, social

Producer: Mahmoud Babaei

Danlod Va Tamasha Online

After leaving, but with all his efforts to escape from the common apartment theme of Iranian cinema, he is still involved in the same abyss. Although the filmmaker tried to get rid of the cliché vortex by injecting differences in the film by adding the atmosphere of the race track or the circus or even working on the southern beaches, but this vortex is too big for these desperate efforts to do anything.

For a work that claims to heal social harms and family differences, it is not interesting that the bitterness of the story overshadows its sweetness and the radiating frequency of the work is bittersweet, even though it ends with a sigh of relief.

The film also leaves some of its characters unfinished. Panthea Panahiha, who was introduced at the beginning of the film, does not disappear suddenly. A policeman who wants to check Emad’s information suddenly appears and disappears. And he leaves the audience to fight with his question marks.

It is as if he told the story of a man who is stuck between his father and his son and his old love. The knot of the story and the story of surrogacy is not resolved neither at the right time nor in the right situation, and therefore it does not help the climax of the film

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