Moghiimane Naakoja Movie

Moghiimane Naakoja Movie

Some people can be “against” a cause that everyone thinks they are serving. This “anti” can be the removal of a person or a nation.

Genre: Drama, Mystery – Director: Shahab Hosseini

Author: Shahab Hosseini – Producer: Shahab Hosseini

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Hosseini has created a space with a minimalist approach and has used several characters to talk about life and death with different attitudes, basically the dialogues written are an analysis of how to live and how to achieve happiness in philosophy.

Dialogues that are neither boring nor want to put the audience in special mystical conditions. The dialogues are based on people’s philosophy of life and their view of God

As the director, Hosseini has written the layout of these dialogues in such a standard way that every dialogue of the characters can be a philosophical discussion that has a basic function in people’s right living.

What is narrated and discussed in “Moqiman Nakja” is thought-provoking for the audience. This movie makes the audience think. This is the most important part that was probably done by Hosseini

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