Shahrak Film

Shahrak Film

It is about a young man who is interested in acting, who is accepted in the audition of a big movie, and in order to join this project and achieve his dream of becoming an actor, he must accept the special conditions and mental and psychological exercises of the cast in an isolated town…

Writer and director: Ali Hazrati

Genre: Drama, Social – Producer: Ali Sartipi

Danlod Va Tamasha Online

According to what was said at the beginning of the film, the total process of training and shooting is supposed to last 5 months, and after that people will return to normal life. what after that

Cinematography director: Alireza Barazandeh Make-up artist: Abbas Abbasi Set and costume designer: Afsana Sarfe Jo Editor: Zhila Ipekchi Sound operator: Kamran Kian Erthi

Of course, as a film by a novice filmmaker, “Shahrek” also has positive aspects: the beginning, middle and end of the film are clear; There is no news of Goldarsht’s slogans

Sound engineer: Naim Maschian Assistant sound engineer: Alireza Akbarian Music: Shura Karimi Field effects: Arash Aghabeyg

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