Setare Bazi

Setare Bazi

Today is the twenty-ninth of November, it’s been a month since that damn Halloween, I did something bad, something very bad…

Director and screenplay: Hatef Alimardani

Genre: Drama – Producer: Ali Sertipi

Danlod Va Tamasha Online

Homelessness is one of the most bitter phenomena that someone may experience. A form of lostness and loneliness for which there is sometimes no way back;

Public Relations Manager: Babak Javadi Procurement Manager: Hossein Azarbara Production Manager: Hassan Santi Project Manager: Reza Shakuri Poster Designer: Shayan Shafabakhsh

Worse, homelessness can multiply any pain and suffering; This is the topic that Hatef Alimardani has addressed in his latest work, Star of the Game

Set and costume designer: Majid Mir Fakhraei, make-up designer: Roksana Razavi, sound engineer: Kambiz Farahani, sound engineer: Amir Hossein Qasemi, special effects: Mohammad Lotf Ali, editor: Amir Adib Paror.

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