Bi Madar

Bi Madar

The peaceful life of a couple, with one of them pressing on his decision, inadvertently enters into trials and dilemmas and moral dangers. Man does not gain anything unless he loses something, and every decision has a price that must be paid…

Director: Syed Morteza Fatemi

Genre: Drama

Danlod Va Tamasha Online

Cinematography director: Massoud Salami Make-up artist: Mahmoud Dehghani Set designer: Sohail Danesh Eshraghi Costume designer: Golnaz Golshan

Editor: Mohammad Najarian, Bahram Dehghani, sound engineer: Babak Ardalan, sound engineer: Hossein Ghorchian, music: Bammad Afshar

Motherless is the first movie by Morteza Fatemi. Fatemi was born in 1362 and is one of the young directors of this era of Fajr Festival.

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